Corny alert, but let me just say that my first proper “backpacking trip” — and I mean travel-backpacking, not outdoorsy-backpacking (though that is equally awesome) — changed my life.  Before Europe, I hardly knew what a hostel was. I didn’t know that travel was so accessible on a shoe-string budget. And I definitely didn’t predict I’d fall in love with traveling solo.

Europe is the perfect place to have a “first trip” like this. Transportation is easy, it’s safe (I think), and there are plenty of affordable hostels with tons of fellow young travelers. Europe is the only continent I’ve “backpacked” in so far, and it’s been a good warm-up. Ready to conquer the world now. Hopefully.

In my first trip, I spent 4 months backpacking around quite a few countries in Europe, but I spent the most time in Poland, Scotland, and Spain.  I also managed to work along the way (currently I’m parked in Poland, for now). Couldn’t have imagined a more epic experience.

So all you potential real-world-delayers like myself — DO IT. Go. And I’ll step off my soap box now.


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